Social Media Course to Existing Clients. 

Help you boost your revenue and clientele to advance your career and development. 

Exclusive to Existing Clients. 

Copy this process to save you a fortune in advertising your business and learned skill sets! 

Effectiveness in Performance and Time Management with Less Stress 

This Course includes: 

Activities to apply to your own life. 
Interactive Storylines for more effective learning. 
Short Clips to explain core concepts. 
Mentorship to help you.
One Year Access! 

Cost R1 198.00

This course is accredited with INSETA, and covers the following topics:






Manage time effectively to enhance productivity and enable a balanced lifestyle

Level 3



Manage own work performance in relation to an organisation`s performance management system

Level 3



Apply the skills of customer care in a specific work environment

Level 4


Reception and Telephone Skills Short Course:

  1. How to make a Good First Impression
  2. How to keep your reception tidy and friendly
  3. Sound professional over the telephone
  4. Good Time Management

Work through the presentations and video's, and receive a Certificate of Attendance!

Cost R620.00

Learn to Write properly in the Business World.

Course Outcomes:

  • Tips for Effective Writing in Business
  • Identify and collect Information Needed
  • Using plain language for a specific function
  • Organise and structure a text appropriately 
  • Present your Document Professionally

Read the content, listen to the video's and receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Cost R698.00

Learn how to Find Good Customers.

Course Outcomes:

  • The Importance of Accurate Customer Information
  • Creating a Marketing Database
  • Identifying Prospective and Existing Customers
  • Collecting Customer Information in accordance with a Database

Read the Guide, watch the video's and receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Cost R698.00

Learn to Provide Excellent Customer Service, and grow the Business.

 Course Outcomes:

  • What is Good Customer Service?
  • Properly Engaging in an Interaction with a Customer.
  • Using Communication Skills in Responding to a Customer

Read through the guide, watch the video's and receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Cost R692.00

Learn to Market a Sell! One of the key aspects to growing a business, and being a valuable asset to any workplace.

 Course Outcomes:

  • How to Implement a Marketing Plan
  • Negotiating a deal with a customer
  • Completing basic quotes
  • Completing tender documents

Read the Learner Guide, watch the presentations and receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Cost R679.00

At the end of this course, you as a candidate will be able to do the following:

  • Efficiently manage debtors
  • Update and verify debtor contact details
  • Maintain Records
  • Diarise procedures
  • Effectively utilise Detailed Statement of Account
  • Adjust claim and update amounts

Read the Course Material, watch the video's and receive Certificate of Attendance.

Cost R668.00